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EP 3: Show Notes and Resources

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Significant significant welcome to significant life. The podcast for women who want to live lead and serve from an anchored plates. I’m your host, Janice Anderson wife, mother of three CEO and lover of all things. Jesus, I firmly believe that strong women need an even stronger support system. So whether you need to get it done or come on, then this is a place where you can do it all without second,


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guessing who you are disconnecting from those who love or undervaluing your irreplaceable contribution to the world, regardless of what you’re facing this, I know for sure you were created to live and enjoy a significant life. Let’s dive into today’s episode. Ladies, have you had one of those encounters with the hard way? It was kinda like he sneak deliverance session. Like he came up from behind,


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came from the blind side and bap delivered you of something you didn’t even know was an issue in your life. Oh my gosh, that happened to me. And I wish I was mad myself when this happened, but on the whole, oh no, there was an entire audience. So let me tell you what happened. I was at this conference for women and I was there specifically to just be revealed.


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I wanted to, and I’m not a big conference goer, not because I’m above conferences or anything like that, but you can become addicted to little things like, you know, if you’re not careful, it’s like you, instead of you’re looking for your quick fix on Sundays, like I’m looking for my quick fix since this conference. And I never want a conference,


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a group experience to replace my private encounters with the Lord. So I’m very particular about when and where I show up for corporate gatherings and experiences with the Lord. I don’t forsake the assembly for those of you who are about to chastise me, but I am very cautious that I’m not allowing church to be my addiction of choice or religious activities. Now back to our retinal,


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back to our regularly scheduled program, some at this event and I go and I go on, when we’re getting on the plane, I’m saying to myself, Janice, you’re going to attend this event and you’re going to receive whatever holy spirit wants to reveal to you. You’re going to be refreshed. You’re going to be refueled. Remember the time very vividly because it was right after a very rough season,


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a lot was going on in my business and in my personal life. And I just needed a refreshing. And so on the flight over there, I said, father, refresh me. I gave you permission to just remove the titles, remove the roles. I play, remove all the responsibilities that I have. And I want my heart to be open to whatever you have for me.


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Let me tell you something. If ever you pray anything like that, hold on sister, because listen, God is going to answer you and he may answer you straight away. So I get to this event and we’re in the circle and we’re asking questions. They’re the question cards. You’ve seen them now. They’re conversation cards, but we’re in this event and they’re 2000 women,


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2000 women. And so our group probably has about 20 to 30 women, maybe 20 women in our huddle. And we’re going around in the answering this question and we’re passing the questions were passed out and we’re supposed to answer them clearly from our heart. So I look at my card and I’m like, huh? Look at that question. That’s interesting that don’t really apply to me,


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but okay. And my question reads, what way are you distancing yourself from God? I asked myself, huh? That’s an interesting, what way am I distancing myself from God? So now if you know me, when I start repeating things, a couple of things are going on. I’m probably stalling because I don’t have any answer and I’m processing as well,


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but probably more so Starling, but I’m processing and stalling a combination of the two. So now it’s my turn. What ways are you distancing yourself from God? And I’m thinking to myself, me and God, like we will cool. Like, I’m his baby we’re daughter. We’re like, homeboy’s a home girl. Like, you know, that’s my dude.


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I’m not just a saying from him. I serve Christian leaders. I have a vibrant prayer time. I mean, like I journal, I read in my Bible what, I’m not distancing myself from God. And so then I start to read the card aloud because it’s my turn. And I’m, I remember like it was yesterday, I’m sitting in the circle and I’m reading the card and I’m asking,


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what ways are you distancing yourself from CA I am distancing myself from God. You remember how they taught us in school to answer a question by using part of the question in the answer so that the person who reads it knows what you’re answering. I’m totally leveraging all of those things right now because I was also stalling. So I said, I am distancing myself from God when faced with familiar pain.


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I distance myself from God when faced with the Amelia paint. And then I elaborate a little bit. I said, I’m good. When God asked me to do something that I’ve never done before, I’m good. When he gives me this challenge that I’ve never faced before. But what happens is when it’s, we’ve already tried and it hurt, I kind of do double that for God.


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I’m like once a wind and one toe out and y’all I lost it. Oh, if I go, I was like, oh my God, if this happening right now with this happening, like I’m, I am losing my composure because it hit me that God, you know what I thought I gave you everything. I thought I surrendered all to you.


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I thought, if you asked me, I’m like, Hey, I’m like, Isaiah, send me here. I am send me. Except for in the instances that remind me of a familiar pain. I want to ask you, in what ways are you distancing yourself from God? What are you doing? What are you avoiding? What are you ignoring?


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Because the idea of facing it, the idea of trying, it reminds you of a familiar feeling and that feeling wasn’t so good roles recently. Let me just say this. So that story happened several years ago, lots of years ago, probably maybe 10 years ago. I had that experience at that event and it still rings true. Even now. I still find myself distancing from the Lord when faced with familiar pain.


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And the way that I distanced myself from him is I am reluctant to take the step. I take a long time to obey. And I heard one time that delayed obedience is still disobedience. And I know in my own life, that disobedience is probably the number one way that I distance myself from God. And I know also from my life, I don’t know about you.


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I want you to evaluate your life as you listen to me, share today in this podcast, what is your way? What is your story? What is your thing? But in my life I disobeyed guide and I’m afraid. I’m literally like O M G. I said it, I’m not regularly walking around. Like now that I’m not going out and feel like,


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well, now you crazy. You know, I’m, I’m a pretty at this phase. You’re not walking with God for a long time. And he is definitely my father. He’s proven himself over and over again to be faithful. And so for the most part, I listen, you know, I do, I obey, but when I’m afraid, when I’m afraid of the outcome,


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I might delay a bit. And I had one of those experiences, right? When I was preparing to record this episode. Yup. I was like praying and thinking, God that this was happening and you know, just kind of settling in and reviewing my outline. And then the Lord just hit me with the, you had allow fear to grip beauty.


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And it’s what, yeah, you are gripped by fear. That’s why it took you so long to get to this place. See how, see how amazing it’s going, see how it’s flowing for you. See how you’re hearing me. And I’m hearing you. And it’s just rolling off of your tongue. This could have happened the last sooner, but you allow fear to drive you.


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You allow fear in the front seat. And I just want to ask you where in your life are you paralyzed by fear, but masking it by planning. ’cause see. I didn’t even know that I was afraid. I didn’t even know. I like, I didn’t even know I was scared guy. What? You better stop it. I’m afraid. I was afraid.


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That’s was what I was scared of. What was I scared? I was just planning, you know, Alice gearing up to do this episode and getting ready to just do the podcast justice episode, but the entire production and y’all can I just be honest? Let me just level with you. So for all of you that you’re out there and you’re like,


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you are a box checker. Listen, you have met your Cole sister fellow box checker. Hey, that’s me. I was checking all the boxes. I attest it, this show and this idea I had already given it a name and I tested it with my audience. They liked it. I even piloted this podcast for four straight weeks or weeds or different episodes and what you’ve even heard,


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I had already recorded them and emailed them out and had people listening to this podcast. I even upgraded my equipment. Don’t tell my husband. Yes, I got newer equipment. Now let’s be clear. There was nothing wrong with my old equipment. It was working fine, but I upgraded the equipment because I told myself I was going to do that. But I did it a little earlier.


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I had read and re-read my guide on path podcasting. And this is a pretty big guy. It’s like 300 pages. I re-read the thing. Cause in my mind I was justifying my actions by Santa. Just want to make sure that I’m adequately prepared. I don’t want to do anything. Half-step and God I’m representing you. I’m representing your kingdom. I’m representing that.


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What you called me to do. And I really don’t want there to be any barrier between me and the women. You’re calling me to serve with this great gift and this message. Yo, even to the course on podcasting, I mean, I, no idea so much. This is after I tested it for four weeks, hired a team member to help me with the execution.


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And if angriest in case I didn’t, I had left any stone uncovered. I created and wrote out a plan that is not unlike me. I am a planner by nature and I’m a strategist by trade. I had written out my entire strategy, communicated it to my team and there was no reason for me to delay do Hemi. No reason. I had everything in place.


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I even set a deadline. And your girl with sin steel, do you hear me frozen? Not one word was recorded. Not one thing was spoken. I hadn’t, I was just frozen. And I kept telling myself, I kept finding new things for me to do. And it wasn’t until I received an email about how the about a day ago,


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24 hours prior to me getting my butt in gear and starting to record these episodes from my team member, letting me know that she was going on vacation. She wanted to remind me I’m going to be out on vacation. And I haven’t seen the podcast episodes. And really what she doesn’t know as a Lord was using her to save San is you’re doing it again.


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Jan is why aren’t you trusting me? Dan is, this is a repeat of vendor in your life. Fan is fear that the door and y’all almost almost gave way to fear, almost gateway to fear because for me, fear is my repeat offender. So I’ve already asked you where in your life are. You distancing yourself from God. But now I want to ask you,


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what is the number one trigger that causes you to distance yourself from God? For me, it’s fear and it’s not so much. Fear of people for me is fear of Familia. Pain is fear that I’m going to repeat the circumstance again is fear that this time is going to be like the last time. And I want to share with you, but when you know what your repeat offender is,


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what the trigger is that gets you in this downward spiral, or maybe it’s just a place of stagnation when you’re able to slow down and to articulate what literally is the enemy of your soul and the enemy of your actions. Then you can literally combat it with the truth you already. So when I realized that also it was going on just as I was getting ready to press record.


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This is unbelievable. I literally was at a point of tears and I’m back at that point again because father so gently reminded me of the promise that he made to me in his word. He reminded me of the truth that he promised me concern in my life found in Proverbs chapter four, verse 11. And he says, this, I’m going to read it in the English standard version.


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I have taught you in the way of wisdom. I have led you in the path of an uprightness verse 12. When you walk, your step will not be hampered. And if you run, you will not stumble. Ya’ll in the king James version. It reads like this. I have taught the, in the way of wisdom, I have led the Enright path.


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Janice, when you go, your steps will not be straightened. And when you run, thou shall not stumble. When I studied their scripture and each time I studied that passage, I’m reminded of the promise. The Lord has made me. He says, when you walk, your steps will not be straightened. That word there literally means you will not be restricted.


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You will not be cramped. And Janice, if you dare run, you will not stumble. And the definition there of stumble means you will not stumble or stagger due to misfortune. I was a little afraid because I can remember the last time I trusted God to do something big for me and to work in a big way through me, through my gifts,


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through my skills and through my talents in a, in a new way, like in a way that I was leading, instead of me supporting out how ran out of resources, I ran out of resources. That’s just the truth. I ran out of resources. I ran out of finances. I ran out of energy and you know, listen, let me tell you,


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when you run out of resources, when you run out of, and when you run out of resources, then you, you run out of people because folks love you. But ain’t nobody going to be staying around, doing all the work that it takes to pull your beaten off just on the strength of please, please, please. At some point, people want something,


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especially if they’re not bought into the vision and they just hired help again, another episode and I had gone to a place where I had overextended myself and I was fearing doing that before again. And so, because of it, I was like, oh, no guy, like about take this step. And I didn’t even know. I was saying, I didn’t even know a thing until I got ready to record this episode.


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I didn’t know that I was saying in my heart. And it was demonstrated by my actions that I am afraid that what happened before will happen again. And the word so gently. And so graciously reminded me that Jan is, I have led to this, this what you’re doing, this is led by me. You didn’t make this up. This was not your idea.


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Getting choked up and a half. Usually have a sticky note on my desk that says, this is God’s idea. But apparently I moved it to my board the summer, right? And I need to put it back into, in front of my face. So I can remind myself that this is God’s idea. And he’s the one that led me in paths of righteousness.


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He’s the one that led me along this way. And he said, when you, when you walked in is your steps will not be. And when you run, you will not stumble. So I can rest in that may go bad point. Number one, where in your life are you distancing yourself from God? Where are you like, man, God,


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I’m not really obeying you because I’m too busy. I’m not really obeying you because it’s too risky. I’m now really obeying you because I’m afraid. I’m not really obeying you because the naysayers are talking. I’m not really obeying you because you fill in the blank. Where in your life are you distancing yourself from God? And number two, what is her biggest offender was what is the source and the trigger that keeps you from,


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from closeness with God, from obeying God, for me, it was fear. And number three, what is the promise that you’re going to stand on? What is the promise that God made you concerning? That thing that you’re running away from doing that you’re running away from pursuing that you’re, that you’re afraid to trust God with latest. As I bring a close at his episode and just want to say,


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God is completely trustworthy and he loves you and he’s got you. And we don’t have to distance ourself from him. We can completely rely on him because here’s what he told me. And I’m going to share it with you. This time is not like the last time. This time is different because this time you are different this time, you’re not starting from scratch this time for your daughter.


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You’re starting from experience. And not only do you have your experience to support you, you have me to guide you into lead you every step of the way. I encourage you now to just sit with those three questions, to answer them and to make sure you can answer each of them completely, where as you distancing yourself from God, what is your number one,


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trigger number one source of offense. And number three, what is the promise that God is making concerning you in this area of your life? I pray that this episode was helpful. I pray that your heart has been opened to truth. I prayed that a path was forward for you to connect more deeply with your heavenly father. And I encourage you to go and live God’s Beth for your life,


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but I pray. It was helpful in offering you exactly what you need to see and acknowledge. This is where I, right now, this is where I am right now, but I don’t have to stay here. I want to let you know that even as I was listening back to this episode, in preparation of posting it, I was like, oh my gosh,


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I realized something. I realized that dealing with fear, whether it’s fear of failure, fear repeating the same thing, fear that you’ll be found out beer, that you’re not enough, whatever it is. It’s not a one-time thing. It’s not all I faced my fear. Now I’m over it. I’m fearless. You know, and I know that sometimes,


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you know, in the society, especially that we have, because we have so many self-help and empowerment, gurus, and thought leaders, that it’s easy for us to think that something’s wrong with us. If we don’t conquer fear once. And for all the reality of it is while we have power over fear, it doesn’t mean that it does it. Won’t come up again.


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Fear is something that you want to consistently face and slay in whatever way it comes up. And what I found for myself is, and with my clients, is that just when you feel you’re good and a thing comes up, a barrier comes up, you see, you notice a cycle in your life. If you’re not careful, you will minimize the possibility that girl,


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this is fear coming up. So I created this resource call face and slay your fear. So it’s a way for you to face your fear. So acknowledge, Hey, this is what this is. And then slay the fear obliterated. I’m going to give it to you for free. Simply go over to my significant life. That org for it slash three for episode number three,


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and right in the show notes, you’ll see access to this free resource that will help you to take a look at what your fears are. What was coming up for you now, and then help you to actually take a deeper look at what, how do you know that? That’s what that is. How do you act? You know, in the episode,


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remember I said that when fear comes up for me, I tend to overplay it. Plainly is a good thing. So if I’m not careful, I’ll think, oh, I’m just doing a good thing. And I’ll never acknowledge where are you really scared? You really running away from what, you know, you ought to be doing what you know, your next step is.


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So if that’s you and you know, you need, you would love some guidance support, head over to my significant or it slash three, four episode three. And you’ll see in the show notes, a way to access my free resource base and slay your fear. Talk to you soon.

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