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Significant significant welcome to significant life. The podcast for women who want to live lead and serve from an anchored place. I’m your host, Janice Anderson wife, mother of three CEO and lover of all things. Jesus, I firmly believe that strong women need an even stronger support system. So whether you need to get it done or come undone, this is a place where you can do it all without second.


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Guessing who you are disconnecting from those who love or undervaluing your irreplaceable contribution to the world, regardless of what you’re facing this, I know for sure you were created to live and enjoy a significant life. Let’s dive into today’s episode. Welcome to significant life. The podcast for women who want to live lead and serve from an anchored place. I am your host,


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Janice Anderson. And I am so excited that you are here. This podcast is for the woman who has many roles and even more responsibilities. This is for the wife, the mom, the sister, the confidant, the mediator, the coach, the solver of all the things. And girl, if you don’t solve all the problems, you know exactly where to go to get the problems handled.


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This is for you, the go-to woman in your circle, this podcast is for you. And I created this podcast for women like us, who make it happen. And in the midst of making it happen, you need someone to make it happen for us because like it or not, you get tired sometimes like it or not, life is going to happen.


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And when it does, my goal is that, you know, that, that you have a life-giving community of sisters who love you, who are supporting you, who are rooting for you. The goal of this podcast is to equip you with the strategies, with the skills, with the ways of thinking that are going to keep you from second guessing who you are,


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because let’s be honest. Once stuff comes and done. The first thing we do is diminish our perspective of who we are. I also want to help you do this podcast to stay connected to the places and people that feel you because yes, if you’re anything like me, when life happens, disconnect, I would draw from meaningful relationships instead of leaning into them.


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And if you don’t have any meaningful relationships, girl, you’re in the right place because we’re going to talk about how build, create, and sustain meaningful connections with the people in our life. And lastly, this podcast is the place for you. If you want to learn how to stop undervaluing, your irreplaceable contribution to the world, let me be the first person to tell you,


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there is no one like you, no one can do what you do. Like you do it. Whether it’s at your home, in your family, in your business, at your church or in your community, there’s only one you. And just because you had a misstep, a mishap or a mistake, it doesn’t discount who you are. So the goal of this community is to make sure that not only you remember that,


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but you live from that. The goal of this podcast is to anchor you in what is true. So that every day that you show up for your life, you’re living from that true place, regardless of what happens, regardless of what people say, regardless of what you’re feeling. I want you to know that you, my sister are significant. Well,


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let me tell you how this podcast is going to flow. It’s going to be a weekly podcast. Yay. It will be mostly me on the microphone, but girl, I’m going to invite some of my great girlfriends and colleagues who are also very amazing significant women live in their life from an anchor place. And they’re going to share with us tools and strategies and secrets to help us make it through today.


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Also in this podcast, I’m trying none. I’m trying to keep it short about 20 to 30 minutes because I know we’re busy cause I can’t wait. I can’t wait. So make this one of your favorite podcasts. Go ahead and lock it in right now so that you know, every single week you’re listening to this podcast, let it be one of your staples for the week.


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Now, why in the world to even listen to me? Who is this? Dan is Anderson. What girl, let me tell you. I am a sister like you. I got a story, boy, I got a story. I am a wife. I have my handsome husband. Marise Anderson. I have three daughters. And at the time that I am starting this podcast,


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girl y’all pray for me. Okay. My daughter, I have a 21 year old. I have a 12 year old and today my baby is 15 months old. I had a baby at the 40 puree and I have navigated all manners of seasons in life. I’m not just a wife and a mom, but I’m also a business owner. I went to businesses.


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So I have a full service marketing consultancy where I serve visionary leaders, helping them to build brand and expand their vision. Thank God for my team. And then most recently I launched my community for women. Just like you call significant life where day in and day out. I get the awesome opportunity to walk alongside women, coaching them, being in community with fellowshipping,


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with them and helping them to live and walk out their significant life journey. Cause girl, every strong woman needs an even stronger support system. And, but on top of all of that, those are all great. And I’m pretty proud of the woman that I am and the roles that I get to play in my life. But my most coveted role,


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the thing I’m most excited about what shapes me and makes me is my role as daughter and I sort of started from that. I should have led with, I am a daughter of the king of Kings and Lord of Loris. I am a believer through and through my relationship with God, it shapes me. It keeps me, it is the reason I didn’t come undone.


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It is the reason that when life happened and I can tell y’all a whole lot, ways that life happened, her name I’ve been divorced. Yes, I’m a Christian. And I had a divorce. You know, it’s just been crazy. I have lost a job. I lost my mom. I mean, there were trials after trials at the trials,


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but I’m still here and I’m still standing and I didn’t do everything perfectly. I didn’t make all the right decisions. I didn’t, I didn’t cross all my T’s and dot all my I’s. But yes, I’m here with a life that is amazing. It is flourishing far from perfect. You’ll hear throughout the podcast, but his flourishing and when life happens,



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cause it does on a regular basis. I’m, I’m happy to say that I’m still full of joy. I’m happy to say that. I know how to get to my peace. Cause sometimes my joy be trying to run away. But girl, over the years on working with other women with my therapist, cause we, we believe in therapy and Jesus with my girlfriends,


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with my circle, with my community, with my relationship, with my heavenly father and the skills and principles and the habits that I’ve acquired over the years, I can happily say that I do live lead and serve from an anchored place, but it didn’t start that way. Let me share a little of my backstory. I have been a Christian, a believer since I was age nine.


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So most of my life and I love the Lord and I, you know, it was church goer and I was raised doing all the things, you know, a stay, the Bible, learned a lot about the Lord at the end, my best I’s and cross my T’s. And yes girl, I had a lot of missteps. I did a lot of things and I remember one day along my journey,


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I just was like trying to figure out how people can serve the Lord, love him with all their heart and then their life not work. You know like, like I just believe that life would be, this should work. And so I remember praying this prayer and the hell is that God, I just don’t understand. And at the time I don’t even know what’s going on.


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My money probably was. I probably couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting a job that I needed or something, something was going on. But whatever it was, it was enough of a pattern for me to stop and ask God, why was life not with him not working the way I thought it should because what I was reading in the scripture, but what I am,


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what I was seeing in my life didn’t seem the mat. And I’d looked around at other believers in my family. I grew up with a house of believers. My mother was a Christian. My grandmother was a Christian. So I was raised in a Christian family and we had our struggles just like everybody else. But some of them were really, really,


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really deep. And it didn’t seem like people came out of them yet. They were still quoting scriptures and praising God. And it just didn’t matter to me. I just didn’t understand, like if it, the Bible says this, why is my life or the people around me? Why are their labs not reflecting that? And so I asked the Lord,


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I said, God, this life with you really work. Because if it don’t work, I’m gonna do something else. And I know not if my grandmother, if she heard me say that she probably going to be very obsessive and tell me don’t question God, that was one of the last conversations we had before she passed away. This is the intro episode.


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We’re not talking about that before the record. I do believe that God can handle our questions. But anyway, I, she would be chastising me for asking God that, but I asked him because I’m like, if you’re my father, if you’re my heavenly father of you, my daddy, then shouldn’t this thing work because of his knock on work, let’s go here and wrap this on up and let me do some other stuff.


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I mean, because at the time, the way my understanding was set up that life of Christ was so restrictive and the Lord answered me. He said to me, Janice, you’re right. Life with me does work. So how about really doing it with me this time? And then I remember the day that I asked that from that day, until this day,


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I have been really intentional about my walk with the Lord. It was less about checking off all the boxes and more about living in a way that I experienced him. Day-to-day and that experience with him shifts and controls and directs my entire being. So now I do have a really good life. No, it’s not perfect. Yes. I make mistakes. Yes.


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I have missed that. Yes. We have moments of struggle and moments of pain and moments of disappointment, moments of rejection, moments of abandonment. But none of it takes me out. None of those moments caused me to lose myself. And even if it does, even if for the moment, I forget who I am. Even if for the moment I feel the need to disconnect and withdraw.


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Even if for the moment. I second, guess the value that I contribute, the value that I can make in the world around me, even at this for a moment, y’all it is literally just for a moment over the years, I have not only deepened my relationship with my heavenly father. I have learned how to do life and establish meaningful connections and meaningful relationships with other people in a way that is life giving.


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And to me, that is a significant life. A significant life is not a perfect life is a life that when things happen, you don’t lose who you are when things happen, you don’t come completely undone. When things happen, you know that you can bounce back even better than before, even if it takes a minute for the bounce back to happen.


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And so the goal of this podcast is to equip you. The goal of this podcast is to encourage your girl. You are not alone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are not broken. You are not marred. There’s not, you’re not a mistake. You’re not beyond repair. Oh my gosh. The goal of this podcast is to re anchor you and what is true so that you can stand up day to day and stand up and be exactly who God created you to be.


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You are significant. And you want to know why, because he created you that way. The goal of this podcast is to remind you that you are not what you do. That the value that you bring to the world, it is very valuable. But if you never did the thing that you do grow, you will still be valuable. So I’m excited about the opportunity,


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the comments, or wherever you’re listening, and to remind you of who you are to help you shift the way you see yourself shift the way you show up, shift the way you connect to give you the skills and the tools that you need to be able to establish. Life-giving meaningful connections that will come alongside you and wrap their arms around you and help you grow,


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celebrate when you’re up and, and help you when you’re down. And if you need just a low dose of that, about 20 to 30 minutes a week, then grow. Don’t forget to listen to this podcast because we are going to live and enjoy the significant life we were born to live.

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