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This series on Rest has been an eye-opener… and a reminder that we often choose not to take the gift of rest. We choose not to prioritize our needs when we have a moment to recharge. Because it’s counter-culture. It’s unpopular.
It’s hard to pause the hustle. But on today’s last episode of our Rest series, we talk about how you can embrace rest as a lifestyle.

Tune in to learn:

  • The three Scriptures that punctuates why why live in such a hurried state
  • The importance of sitting still, from a biblical and practical perspective
  • The three things you must be willing to do in order to allow yourself to rest
  • My prayer for you as you begin this incredible journey to bring rest into your daily life

I’m so excited for you to incorporate all that we’ve talked throughout this series into your day-to-day life. I hope it revives you, and that it’s life-giving. But I know it’s not easy…

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This resource is dedicated to help you make rest a lifestyle with practical ways to try out in your own life and see which ways replenish you.


Rest as a Lifestyle
7 Practices in 7 Days to Revive, Restore and Replenish Your Weary Soul


When it comes to the concept of rest, we challenge it. We’re fiercely opposed to the idea. Conflict happens when we even bring up the word rest. But in order to show up fully, to perform at our best, to be the women that God designed us to be, we need to challenge the way we view rest. Because it’s not a reward. It’s not something we need to get approval for.

We were made for rest.

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • Why I needed to build in time to recover before I can show up for my family
  • What happens when you feel judged for wanting to rest
  • The science behind why rest is important for your mind and body
  • The ONE question you need to ask yourself when you don’t think you have time to rest

I can’t wait to see the commitment that you’re going to make to yourself concerning this area of your life.

But first, I want to know how this is landing for you. Leave me a comment on whatever platform you’re either watching or listening on.

Together, we can live our most significant life.


Relationship Reset: 7 Ways to Increase & Protect Your Joy in Key Connections


This is a prayer I created during a moment of quiet reflection. A prayer that will help those who hesitate to surrender to the moment, who struggle to feel at peace in these precious hours to ourselves. God has a plan for you.

Tune in to discover:

  • How your life is governed by the spirit of God so that you too can enjoy life and peace
  • The importance of finding what governs your ability to reason, perceive, and judge
  • How my meditation time led me to conclude that we are transformed so we can become living proof of God’s will and why his will is the more excellent way.
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Relationship Reset: 7 Ways to Increase & Protect Your Joy in Key Connections

If you’re on the verge of making a big decision, episode 2 of The Significant Life podcast is for you! 💥

We’re talking about:
🌟 Identifying the vision God has for you
🌟 Honoring your values in the decision-making process
🌟 What to do if His answer is “no” or “not right now”

Press play right now! ▶️

There’s so much more to you, to your life, and to your journey than the story that you’re telling yourself.”

🛑 Stop second-guessing who you are.
🛑 Stop forgetting what you are capable of.
🛑 Stop fearing that you won’t live up to others’ expectations.

You’re the one that chose to live in this story…

…And you could totally change your story.

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Welcome to The Significant Life Podcast…A podcast fashioned to equip you, encourage you, and re-anchor you in what is true so that you can stand up day to day and stand up and be exactly who God created you to be. 💥

🌟 You are not alone.
🌟 You are not broken.
🌟 You are not a mistake.
🌟 You are not beyond repair.

I am so glad you’re here!

  🌟 You ARE Significant


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