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EP 21. Why Pushing Through is Actually Slowing You Down

Did you know that 80% of people who ‘push through’ challenges end up feeling burnt out?

There has to be a better way, right?

Here’s the thing: I used to be all about pushing through. 

Head down, gotta keep going, no matter what.

But I realized that this mentality can actually backfire. It’s like playing basketball with a set plan, completely ignoring what’s happening on the court!

Instead, I’ve come to believe in the power of “pulling up.” 

What does that mean? 

It’s about hitting the brakes, taking a breath, and really assessing the situation. This pause allows you to see new possibilities and adjust your course.

There was a time when I felt completely stuck in my business. Pushing through wasn’t working. So, I “pulled up.” I sought guidance, reflected on my goals, and explored different options.  

It made all the difference. 

I was able to see a clearer path forward and make much better decisions.

Ready to “Pull Up” Too?

If you’re facing a transition period and feel stuck, I know the struggle is real. Click here to schedule a call so we can discuss how to help you navigate those challenges and find the opportunities that might be hidden right in front of you. 


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