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EP 22. Your Secrets Aren’t Keeping You Safe

This is for the ones who feel stuck despite all you’ve accomplished.

I’m your coach, Janice Anderson, and I’m here to tell you: that keeping secrets might be the very thing holding you back.

Let me be clear: you’re not alone.

I see it all the time.  

But here’s the thing – I used to be that woman too. 

Stuck in a picture-perfect marriage that was slowly sucking the life out of me. But there I was, clinging to secrecy, afraid to admit the truth, even to myself.  

And you know what?  

That secrecy kept me trapped, unable to get the help I needed to move forward.

Secrets isolate you.  

Listen and learn:

  • Why keeping secrets holds you back: Discover how hidden struggles can prevent you from reaching your full potential.
  • The power of vulnerability: Learn how sharing your truth can lead to deeper connections and greater support.
  • Breaking free from isolation: This episode will show you how to move past feeling alone and connect with a supportive community.

Finding safe spaces to heal: We’ll explore how to identify trustworthy confidantes and create a safe space for growth.

So, are you ready to ditch the secrets and step into your full power? Click here to schedule a call and learn more about finding your community. It’s time to get unstuck.  


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