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EP 23. Why Women Who Lead Join MSLJ

I know what it’s like to be a busy, high-performing woman. You feel like you’re on top of the world, achieving amazing things. But sometimes, you can also feel a little lonely at the top. 

Maybe you don’t have a safe space to be your full self, a place where you can show your struggles and know you’ll be understood.

That’s where Significant Life comes in. It’s more than just a community – it’s a sacred space for women leaders to connect, support each other, and grow together.

You may be like Tamieka: a powerhouse, but feeling like she was constantly giving and giving without receiving much in return. She was burnt out and disconnected.

In Significant Life, Tamieka found a space where she could finally be herself, limitations and all. She realized she wasn’t alone and that there were other women who understood the pressures she faced.

So, why exactly do women leaders join Significant Life? Here are the top three reasons:

1. Community: In Significant Life, you’ll find a safe and supportive community of women who are on the same journey as you. These are women who get it – they understand your struggles and celebrate your successes. You won’t be judged here, just supported and uplifted.

2. Accountability: As leaders, we’re often the ones setting the rules and giving the answers. But who can we trust to keep us accountable? In Significant Life, we have a structured system of support and  accountability that helps us stay on track with our goals and commitments. It’s not about being bossy, it’s about having a support system that helps us be the best versions of ourselves.

3. Self-Discovery: This is a big one. So many successful women define themselves by their accomplishments. But what about the person behind the achievements? In Significant Life, we are committed to walk alongside you as you deepened and strengthened your unique  journey of self-discovery. We help you see yourself beyond your roles and responsibilities and connect with your true essence.

This journey of self-discovery is so important. When life throws curveballs, a shaky foundation can crumble. And you know, an unstable foundation underneath the feet of a driven, ambitious, woman of great strength is DANGEROUS. Or as scripture says in Psalm 11:3, “When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” But when you know, own, and live from the Truth of who you are–independent of what your circumstances or situation are saying in the background, you can weather any storm.

Maybe you’ve been on the fence about becoming a member of the Significant Life community. You might be thinking, “I already know what Janice does. I do this exact work with my clients, colleagues, and family members.  Why do I need this?” 

I hear you. I get you. And at one point…I was you. That self-sufficient, superwoman thinking kept me stuck trying to figure my way out of things way longer than it needed to. If Tamieka’s story doesn’t inspire you to take action–I pray mine will.  I didn’t begin to fully ENJOY my significant life journey until I decided to connect and be in community with like-minded women who lead.

If you’re a woman leader who’s ready to find your tribe, a safe space to strengthen, deepen, and get the MOST from your life journey head over to and let’s chat and see if Significant Life is the right fit for you.