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EP 24. Awaken and Strengthen Your Heart

Recently, I had the profound honor of leading a prayer session focused on addressing the matters of our hearts—an intimate moment with God I am eager to share with you.

As I prepared for this time of prayer, God reminded me that we are called to guard our hearts and that God desires to resurrect, restore, and heal our hearts like they have never been broken before.

Can you imagine that?
A heart that beats like it’s never been broken, bruised or mishandled?
Maybe your heart feels a little… lost.
Maybe it’s chasing its own desires, a bit wayward.
Maybe it carries past wounds, feeling tender.
Or maybe it’s just plain weary from the everyday hustle.
Even with good intentions, life can pull us away from the center.
There’s a path back to wholeness. Consider this an invitation to agree with the God of the impossible and to have your heart refreshed.

In this episode, I’ll cover 5 conditions of the heart:

    • Wayward: Following our own desires instead of God’s will.
    • Wounded: Carrying past hurts and emotional pain.
    • Weary: Exhausted and lacking strength or motivation.
    • Wandering: Lost and searching for meaning or purpose.
    • Loss of Wonder: No longer feeling awe or amazement at God’s creation.

THIS is a beautiful journey of awakening and strengthening of your heart, and guess who’s walking it with you every step of the way? 

Yes… you KNOW  – God!  

Today look within and ask yourself: what is the condition of my heart? 

But also know that you don’t need to journey through this alone. Click here to book a call with me to unpack your heart’s condition and explore the next steps for your Significant Life.