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Ep 7: Relationship Matters: Parenting, Passion, and Profits featuring Christine St. Vil

In today’s episode of the Relationship Matters series, I am joined by Christine St. Vil, a woman who inspires other moms to go after their biggest goals and dreams. And if you’re…

⚡ Raising a family
⚡ Married
⚡ Running a business

…If you’re trying to keep it all together while doing a thousand things, you can’t miss this conversation.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Christine helps busy moms feel good and less guilty
  • 4 practices that will help keep you anchored
  • Why intentional parenting is an opportunity for us to grow with our children
  • How Christine stays anchored and when she isn’t, and how that affects her relationships at home

Join me as we hear Christine guide us through how she lives her most significant life across multiple relationships.

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🎉 OMG, you do NOT want to miss this. The value these ladies brings to the table is undeniable and life-giving. If you want to begin your journey to lead your live your most significant life, this is it. Connect with a global community of like-minded women who understand exactly where you are.

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