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Ep 9: Relationship Matters: Building Your Squad featuring Pat Perkins

Today, I am joined by a very special guest in the Relationship Matters series. Y’all, I love her so much. From the moment I met her, then until now, she’s always been a life-giver. I talk to Pat about relationships in the workplace and how we take the skills, talents, and abilities we learn for cultivating healthy relationships in the workplace and leverage them in our own lives.

This is for all the mothers and women out there.

Because we also discuss WHO we need in our lives and how that influences how we show up for ourselves and for others.

If you want to know how to maximize relationships in a corporate environment and then take what you learn in those environments and use them in your life, or how you can allow those environments to inform how you show up in your regular everyday life, you need to tune into this episode.Inside, you’ll learn:

  • The THREE pillars that support you in getting to that next level – professionally, personally, and spiritually
  • The importance of having compassion for ourselves
  • The 9 roles every woman needs in their squad
  • The REAL definition of allies
  • Why having a contrarian perspective isn’t a bad thing
  • Our favorite magnetic lash 😉

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